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Toilet soap
Toilet soap

Available brands: ordinary, baby and extra.

100 g package.

Strategic development

Our strategic aim is

To become a primary producer of industrial detergents for companies of oil, engineering, food industries and for services sector organisations.

Our mission is

To improve quality of the production process, improve the efficiency of work of equipment at Russian factories through the use of the most advanced industrial detergents.

Our way of thinking is

  • The fundamental wealth of the company is the best people – showing prominent results they get lucrative compensation.
  • We should choose people who may become much better than we are by right development, complex problem solving and supporting.
  • Our results are never satisfactory to us and this is the motivation for our company.
  • A consumer comes first. Thanks to depth of experience, coheritage and our innovations we create stable connections with our consumers. We are always scrupulous about everything what we do.
  • We believe that the result can be obtained faster in the context of common sense and simple decisions.
  • We are always control our investment expenses for business development.
  • Leadership by personal example is the value of our culture. We do what we say we will do.
  • We don’t cut corners for business success. Honesty, hard work, quality and sequence of actions serve a key purpose of development.

"Permhimprodukt" company is a cleaner production.