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Toilet soap
Toilet soap

Available brands: ordinary, baby and extra.

100 g package.


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High-quality cleaning of indoor spaces, modules and units in production environment as well as in public buildings indicates the use of special cleaning products. Active disinfectants are products of chemical industry, which are meant to be used to get rid of dangerous bacterial flora in some cases. Particular combinations of those products for cleaning and disinfection are developed for each sphere of application.

A broad assortment of products for high-quality disinfection

Before buying a disinfectant it is necessary to inspect the requirements for cleaning of the room or module. There is a difference in assortment of products for household use, which is caused by presence of fragrances and additive components with soap. But in sector of industry it is more common to use pure chemical agents for high-quality disinfection. That sort of products is described in terms of:

  • active influence to unfavorable bacterial flora and its full erasure
  • compatibility with varying chemical agents to heighten an effect
  • production of chlorine-based detergents with high antimicrobial potential
  • production has the form of powder and all-purpose use
  • spheres of usage and restrictions are separately defined for each agent

Hypochlorites and pure chlorine are the most common agents for cleaning and impacts on dangerous bacterial flora. You can buy disinfectants in small amounts or in industrial-scale volumes for the purpose of austerity budget and getting the store of materials for a long time. And bulk buying warrants you more beneficial prices of powders with various compositions.

Buy decontaminating equipment from professionals

You can find beneficial prices of disinfectants and variety of goods in "Permhimprodukt" company in Perm. Well-organized production distribution from suppliers provides our clients with high-quality disinfectants at beneficial price. You can order necessary amount of powder in handy package with included delivery to the place of production.

You can inquire our managers of sales office about a full list of available chemical products and prices.