Soft soap «Zhenilen®»


On request

for washing hands and body.

Intended to be used for washing hands and body.

Composition: surface-active materials, gelling material, preserving agent, coloring substance, acidity regulator, water.

Package: 5 L, 500 ml.

Soft soap is handy and economic so usage field of this detergent becomes wider. You can use soap in branded package or fill it to special dispensers. On buying this detergent pay attention to composition and assure oneself of quality. Soft soap is an optimum alternative for providing WC facility with household detergents for public places and manufacturing companies.

Advantages and usage patterns of soft soap

A distinct advantage of buying this detergent is cost effectiveness. If you buy soft soap in bulk from manufacturer, your company will get a telling economy and possibility to restock of detergents in time for domestic use. Detergents from «Zhenilen®» line from “Permhimprodukt” producer will be ideal purchase for any company because this soft soap has the following advantages:

  • simple and effective composition, no injurious to skin elements;
  • good consistence and handy stiffness for different types of dispensers;
  • soap effectively washes off impurities of any origin;
  • handy package allows to use it without add-on equipment.

Original production technology and simple composition allow us to reach high-potency and ideal price of the product. Soft soap production takes place in specialized enterprise of chemical industry. The detergent is in compliance with high-quality standards. At the time of order you will get all necessary documents and certificates, which prove quality of products.

To buy soft soap in bulk in Perm

Bulk buying of household detergents will help you to save money. Contact producer and get considerable financial benefits and saving of time. The price of soft soap depends on ordered parcel in “Permhimprodukt” company. We offer delivery to companies from different spheres of industry. Also we deliver our products through the city.


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