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The use of various disinfectants is a must for many companies. Antibacterial treatment is often a necessity. For example, in kindergartens, schools and some catering establishments there is a control of disinfection of cutlery, furniture, as well as other elements of the situation.
 For these cases, Des Chlorine, a chlorine-based agent, will be needed to destroy harmful microflora and disinfect various surfaces.
  Des Chlorine Applications for Disinfection

 The product is sold in the form of tablets for subsequent dissolution in water. On the package there is a basic instruction on the use of the reagent, but during the sale the seller may detail the subtleties of the use of the substance, depending on the tasks. To date, the scope of application of DesHlor is very extensive, the most active chemical reagent is used in the following situations:
  • disinfection of public use premises, treatment of walls and ceilings, as well as flooring;
  • use in laboratories for cleaning tools, as well as for carrying out certain types of reactions;
  • disinfection of certain general-purpose medical instruments;
  • processing of furniture, toys, stair railings in kindergartens and schools.  
     This is only the initial list of areas of use of Des Chlorine. You can consult with a specialist and get qualified recommendations on this issue, as well as find out whether the substance is suitable for solving your problems. Often, state requirements specify substances that should be disinfected in certain cases.
      Purchase of DesHlor funds in Perm

     Specialized company "PermHimProdukt" offers Deshlor from suppliers at competitive prices. You can buy the right amount of pills from us in a convenient package and with the necessary instructions. Conduct a consultation before buying and clarify the particular use of the substance, it will help to use the chemical product efficiently.
    Application field:
    Мясо-перерабатывающая промышленность
    Meat processing industry
    Птице-перерабатывающая промышленность
    Poultry-processing industry
    Молочная и масложировая промышленность
    Dairy and fat-and-oil industry
    Сельско-хозяйственная промышленность
    The agricultural industry
    Металлургия и машиностроение
    Metallurgy and mechanical engineering
    Банно-прачечный сектор
    Bathing and laundry sector
    Дезинфицирующие средства
    Торговые сети
    Trading networks