/ Sodium hypochlorite

Sodium hypochlorite

Chemicals for disinfection have many varieties, in each industry used a certain type of disinfectant. One of the most common liquid compounds for cleaning and disinfecting treatment is sodium hypochlorite. It is an active substance that is highly unstable in its pure form, therefore it is often supplied in conjunction with inert auxiliary materials.
  Use and features of sodium hypochlorite in industry
 There are a number of uses for this chemical. In most cases, the liquid is used to disinfect and clean the liquid in many industrial processes, as well as to accelerate oxidation reactions. Buy sodium hypochlorite will be required for the following important production processes:
  • whitening of various substances and materials in an active way;
  • disinfection of various production tools and materials;
  • wastewater treatment, as well as water supplied for production processes;
  • decontamination of the working environment for chemical reactions;
  • active oxidation of materials for production.  
     There are also additional areas of use of sodium hypochlorite liquid, including household use. Substance is used for bleaching and cleaning surfaces from plaque of various origin. But working with the material requires the use of means of protection, since the volatile mixture tends to evaporate quickly, releasing into the atmosphere dangerous compounds for humans.
      Purchase of sodium hypochlorite for production in Perm
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    Application field:
    Мясо-перерабатывающая промышленность
    Meat processing industry
    Птице-перерабатывающая промышленность
    Poultry-processing industry
    Молочная и масложировая промышленность
    Dairy and fat-and-oil industry
    Сельско-хозяйственная промышленность
    The agricultural industry
    Металлургия и машиностроение
    Metallurgy and mechanical engineering
    Дезинфицирующие средства