/ Chloramine B

Chloramine B

 There are many chemicals used for disinfection. Among them, one of the places of honor is chloramine, which is used in a wide range of options. The use of this substance is possible both in the domestic sphere for the processing of home furnishings or common goods, and in industry for various specific processes, as well as for carrying out chemical reactions in production. & Nbsp;
  Use of chloramine and features of its acquisition
 Buy the required amount of disinfectant can each person and any company, the sale of the reagent is free. However, the use of chemical disinfectant requires caution and the use of protective equipment. Many companies need to buy chloramine B to conduct the following processes:
  • water treatment for universal use of water supply or technical purposes;
  • disinfecting virtually any surface that is not afraid of contact with chlorine;
  • processing of instruments for performing sterile work, including in some areas of medicine;
  • general cleaning in public institutions and establishments.
Molar weight 213.62
PH 9–11
Sodium salt of benzene sulphonic acid, not less 99%
Content of active chlorine, not less 26.0%
Content not more than 0.0005%
Heavy metal content, not more than 0.0005%
  Buy Chloramine B in Perm
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Application field:
Мясо-перерабатывающая промышленность
Meat processing industry
Птице-перерабатывающая промышленность
Poultry-processing industry
Молочная и масложировая промышленность
Dairy and fat-and-oil industry
Сельско-хозяйственная промышленность
The agricultural industry
Металлургия и машиностроение
Metallurgy and mechanical engineering
Банно-прачечный сектор
Bathing and laundry sector
Дезинфицирующие средства