Holstoproshivny cloth (HPP) - a type of non-woven textiles of wide application. It is made in Perm from textile fibers pressed into a flat layer, which is then zigzag stitched with yarn. Externally is a massive, thick layer of fabric.
 The material is colored (gray) and white - it depends on the quality and composition of the processed fibers. The raw material for white nonwoven fabric is cotton. The longer the fibers used, the better the product and the longer its service life. The basis for the manufacture of colored canvas-stitched cloth are cotton production wastes: tow, putanka and products of recycling waste - flap, scraps of fabric, etc.
  Characteristics and use of canvas-stitch
 The application of this material is determined by its physical characteristics and performance characteristics:
  • highly absorbent;
  • good thermal insulation values;
  • strength due to interlacing of different fibers;
  • ecological clean.  As the main advantage, you can select the affordable price canvas-stitched canvas.
     It is used for cleaning rooms, cleaning various mechanisms and parts (the material absorbs well not only water, but also oils, dirt, lubricants, etc.); as a heater for shoes; internal filler for upholstered furniture, toys; as packing material for fragile items.
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    Application field:
    Нефтяная промышленность
    The oil industry
    Металлургия и машиностроение
    Metallurgy and mechanical engineering