/ Sodium Metasilicate

Sodium Metasilicate

Powdered product, which is used in a wide range of oxidation reactions in the chemical industry, and is also actively used in the construction industry. Reagent can be purchased directly from the manufacturer to save budget and time.
 The chemical industry does not stop expanding the range of products for manufacturing enterprises. One of the basic substances for construction companies and manufacturers of building materials is sodium metasilicate. & Nbsp;
  Use and Features of Sodium Metasilicate

 The most common use of metasilicate is glass production. The substance is also used as an additive for the manufacture of heat-resistant concrete. When a chemical product is added to the concrete mix, the material also acquires acid-resistant properties. Before you buy sodium metasilicate, you should consider the following features of the material:
  • the production of the product must be done exclusively by chemical enterprises;
  • upon purchase, you should check the availability of certificates of compliance with technical conditions;
  • accompanying documentation will determine the necessary properties of the material;
  • Wholesale purchase of metasilicate is most beneficial directly from the manufacturer.  
     Many companies in the chemical industry and the production of reagents offer sodium metasilicate in bags. When using a reagent, the operating conditions of the equipment operators should be coordinated with the technical safety requirements. There are also guidelines for transporting and storing the chemical.
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    Application field:
    Промышленная химия
    Industrial chemistry