/ Napkin technical coarse calico

Napkin technical coarse calico

Technical cloth - consumable material used to remove dust, moisture, liquids, oils and other substances, as well as in the preparation of any types of working surfaces for painting.
 The product is in demand both in industrial premises and in retail outlets, at construction sites, in offices and even in everyday life.
 In our online store in Perm, you can buy a technical cloth to keep the room clean and maintain the equipment.

 The finished product has the following characteristics:
  • Excellent cleansing. Does not leave stains - this is especially important when processing glossy and mirror surfaces.
  • Low cost. For manufacturing, as a rule, used materials are used (rags, scraps of fabrics) or, waste of the textile industry, less often - a new canvas.
  • Hygroscopicity. Absorbs moisture and grease, quickly copes with heavy pollution.
  • Durability. It is restored after washing, which significantly prolongs its service life.
     We offer to purchase technical wipes and other household goods wholesale and retail - we have competitive prices for all types of products for cleaning and disinfecting your equipment and space.
    Application field:
    Нефтяная промышленность
    The oil industry
    Мясо-перерабатывающая промышленность
    Meat processing industry
    Птице-перерабатывающая промышленность
    Poultry-processing industry
    Молочная и масложировая промышленность
    Dairy and fat-and-oil industry
    Сельско-хозяйственная промышленность
    The agricultural industry
    Металлургия и машиностроение
    Metallurgy and mechanical engineering
    Банно-прачечный сектор
    Bathing and laundry sector
    Железная дорога