/ SMU Universal M1

SMU Universal M1

Description: SMU "Universal M-1" is a dry homogeneous powder, packaged in paper bags of 25 kg. It is used to remove contaminants formed during the operation of tubing pipes (ARPD, Coke, residues of fuels and lubricants, asphalt-resinous, bituminous contaminants.
  Applications: Oil-producing and refining industries, transport and transport stations.
  How to use:
  The working solution is prepared in a container by dissolving the agent in water with stirring and at a temperature not lower than 30 ºС. The recommended concentration of the cleaning solution is at least 1% (from 10 kg per 1 m³ of solution).
 During operation, the temperature of the working solution is maintained at 80–95 ° C. The processing time is 1-3 hours, depending on the nature of the pollution. The treatment is carried out with stirring the working solution.
 After processing, the surface of the product is washed with water.
  Cleaning Process:
  Against the background of the chemical reaction of water with a means for cleaning the soil from oil, gas bubbles are formed and the subsequent pushing of oil products onto the surface of the solution, as a result of which the phases are separated: purified soil - spent working solution - oil product. The spent solution can be reused in a closed cleaning cycle, while mechanization can be applied.
  Means for cleaning the soil from oil has an irritating effect on the skin and eye mucosa. When working with the tool and working solutions use PPE (skin, eyes, respiratory organs). In case of contact with the product (working solutions) on the skin and eyes, immediately rinse them with running water. If necessary, consult a doctor.
 Cautiously, contains alkali!
  Storage Conditions:
  - Store in a dry place at a temperature not exceeding 35 ºС and relative humidity air no more than 95%, away from heating devices, protecting from moisture and direct sunlight.
 - Store away from food, out of the reach of children.
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Application field:
Нефтяная промышленность
The oil industry
Металлургия и машиностроение
Metallurgy and mechanical engineering