/ Means for washing dishes in dishwashers "Zhenilen®"

Means for washing dishes in dishwashers "Zhenilen®"

The standard washing cycle is ideal for washing dishes of medium and high contamination and includes the steps of preliminary and main washing, rinsing and drying.
  The tool GENEVEL is intended: for the preliminary and main washing of dishes in dishwashers.
  Due to the optimal ratio of the components, the product: Effectively removes oil and grease contaminants.
  How to use: when choosing the mode and temperature of the washing, you should follow the recommendations specified in the passport of the dishwasher.
  Composition: surfactant ≤ 10.0%, functional additives & lt; 10.0%, perfume ≤ 0.2%, preservative ≤ 0.01%, dye ≤ 0.001%, purified water.
  Precautions: in case of contact with eyes, rinse with running water.
  Storage Conditions:
 Store in tightly closed containers at a temperature not lower than 0 ° C and not higher than plus 30 ° C.
 Avoid exposure to direct sunlight.
 The tool freezes, after defrosting retains its properties.
  Expiry Date:
 12 months from the date of manufacture (subject to the rules of storage and transportation).
 After the expiration date, the product is disposed of as household waste.
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