/ Means for sanitary processing of washing machines "Zhenilen®"

Means for sanitary processing of washing machines "Zhenilen®"


  • the Product is designed to remove complex mineral and organic deposits (rust, lime deposits, water stone, scale, atmospheric pollution, soot, dust, dirt) from various surfaces (stainless steel, ceramics, glass, plastics).
  • Means destroys bacteria, mold, yeast and prevents their growth.
  • is Used for periodic acid washing of surfaces by immersion, circulation, hand washing (bucket-brush).

To washing machine worked properly, it needs to pay attention. Otherwise, it is possible that "delayed" in the car when washing microbes will move to the next batch of Laundry. The stale smell of Laundry is a matter of bacteria.
Grayish shade of tissue — fungus.

The presence of scale on the inner surface of the machine also adversely affects the washing process: leads to dullness of colors and rapid wear of things. To avoid such situations, it is necessary at least once a month to carry out a cycle of cleaning the washing machine.For washing and disinfection washing machines it is recommended to use a detergent with disinfectant effect of acidic low-foaming tool Geilen KNP.


  • Concentrated low-foaming liquid acid medium.
  • Has a high wetting, washing and bactericidal effect.
  • Effective in water of any hardness at any temperature.
  • Disinfectant (bactericidal, fungicidal, antiviral) effect of the product is based on a combination of Quaternary ammonium compounds (H) and active additives.
  • In compliance with the recommendations for use, the working solutions of the product do not have a negative impact on the treated surfaces.

Do not use on galvanized or copper surfaces or natural stone surfaces.

  • Highly soluble in water, biodegradable.
  • Freezes, retains its properties after defrosting, opalescence is possible.
  • Is a non-flammable liquid.
  • According to the degree of impact on the human body working solutions means are low-hazard products (IV-th hazard class).
  • has No cumulative properties.

Recommended use:

Washing and disinfection of the inner surface of the machine (tank, drum):
depending on the degree of contamination of the surface to prepare an aqueous solution means: 2-5% concentration (200-500 g means 10 liters of solution);
to download to the dispenser 200-500 g of product;
perform idle washing at 40-60 °C;
to achieve a higher cleaning and disinfecting effect, the treatment should be repeated using a 1% solution (100 g of the product per 10 liters of solution) at a temperature of 40 °C.

Washing and disinfection of dosing device (cuvette), filter (installed on water supply hoses):
to clean the surfaces by immersion, soaking in 1% solution (100 ml per 10 liters of solution) at a temperature of 40-60 °C;
stand in the working solution of the treated surface for 15-20 minutes, if necessary, RUB the surface with brushes, then rinse thoroughly with warm water;
in case of heavy contamination, repeat surface treatment.

Washing and disinfection of the outside of the machine:
wash the surface with 1% solution of the product (100 g of the product per 10 liters of solution) at a temperature of 30-35 °C;
for surface treatment by hand, use a sponge or soft cloth.
to achieve a higher cleaning and disinfecting effect, repeat the treatment with 1% aqueous solution (100 g of the product per 10 liters of solution).

Technical specification

Composition:organic and inorganic acids, disinfectant component based on Quaternary ammonium compounds (H), functional additives, water.

Appearance: < / b > transparent liquid yellowish or colorless.

hydrogen ion activity Index (pH):<2.0–3.0 pH (aqueous solution of the medium with a mass fraction of 1%)

Density:<1.07 g/cm3 at +20 °C.

Additional information:

Detergent with disinfectant effect acidic product is available with different content of foam additives or without it:

Married CP — with a high level of foaming (for technologies using foam generators).

Geilen KNP — low foam (for washing machines, jet type, for circulating wash).


When working with working solutions:
- use rubber gloves, overalls.

When working with the product (concentrate):
- use rubber gloves, goggles, protective clothing;
- in case of contact with skin or eyes, rinse thoroughly with water, seek medical advice if necessary.

storage Conditions:
Store in a cool, dark place at temperatures between +5 and +25 °C.
Keep container tightly closed and out of reach of children.
Avoid overheating.

Guaranteed shelf life: 1 year from the date of manufacture.

Packaging:Plastic chemically resistant cans — 5, 10, 30 l.
Application field:
Банно-прачечный сектор
Bathing and laundry sector
Торговые сети
Trading networks
Бытовая химия
Household chemicals