/ Means liquid for washing "Zhenilen®-Automatic" with bioadditives

Means liquid for washing "Zhenilen®-Automatic" with bioadditives

Purpose: for machine and manual washing of products from various types of fabrics except wool and natural silk in water of any hardness.
  • When choosing the mode and temperature of washing, you should follow the recommendations indicated on the labels of your products.
  • Wash colored clothes separately from white!
  • Remove stubborn dirt of contrasting colors before washing, as it is possible to fix color stains on the fabric!
  • When washing delicate products in “automatic” machines, it is recommended to load the drum at 1/2 volume.  
      Machine wash:   for 4–5 kg of dry laundry: 90–110 ml of detergent at a temperature of 30–60 ° C.
      Hand wash: with 5 liters of water: 50–70 ml of product at a temperature of 30–40 ° C.
      Composition: APAV & lt; 5%, nonionic surfactants & lt; 10%, soap & lt; 10%, PEG & lt; 5%, perfume & lt; 1%, optical bleach & lt; 1%, functional additives & lt; 1 % drinking water.
       - Means irritates the skin and mucous membrane of the eye.
       -When it comes into contact with the skin and eyes, rinse them with running water.
       -In case of hypersensitivity and skin lesions, use hand protection.
      Storage Conditions:
     The product is stored in a tightly closed container in a dark place at a temperature from 0 to +35 ° C.
     The tool freezes, after defrosting retains its properties.
      Expiry Date:
     12 months from date of manufacture.
     After the expiration date, the product is disposed of as household waste.
     TU 2381-010-50260893-2009
    Application field:
    Банно-прачечный сектор
    Bathing and laundry sector
    Торговые сети
    Trading networks