Detergent with disinfection effect «Zhenilen ANTI RUST»


On request

High concentrated acidic detergent, which is intended to be used for inside cleaning of heat-exchange facilities, steamers, pipe leadings, warm-air furnaces and other heat-power equipment using circulation, dipping or spraying method.

Visual appearance

Transparent or slightly colored liquid with characteristic smell.

Correct use

Active industrial detergent based on an acids complex is intended to be used to remove iron oxide, calcareous, carbonate and other inorganic origin sediments from steel surfaces.


  • -Acids complex
  • -Effective corrosion inhibitor
  • -Complexons
  • -Surface-active reagents

Recommendations for use

To rehydrate «Zhenilen ANTI RUST» with warm (30°С – 50°С) water at the ratio from 1:5 to 1:10 depending on pollution level of scraped-surface.

Attention! The temperature should be less than 60°С.

Sectional cleaning:

  • - remove sludge and other organic superficial deposits (sand, dust, dirt) from scraped-surface using a high-pressure washer like Kärcher with mud mill or using brushes (not metal!);
  • - dip the article (for example, heat-exchange facility plates) into container with working solution and wait for 2 – 3 hours, depending on pollution level of surface, with intermittent mixing and turning the article;
  • - get an article out of working solution (pour the solution);
  • - remove residuary sediments from the surface with brushes or wash off using high-pressure washer. In case of residuary indelible sediments it needs to repeat the treatment;

in case of acute pollutions residence time can be 24 hours (max operating time of the detergent);

  • - after removing sediments using «Zhenilen ANTI RUST» it is necessary to rinse the equipment with water, or to process by any alkaline solution (recommended) and water again.

Сlean-in-place sanitizing

During the clean-in-place sanitizing of heat-exchange facilities by detergent «Zhenilen ANTI RUST» with the help of recirculating pumps, cleaning period is from 1 to several hours, depending on water temperature and pollution level of surface.

Precautionary measures

  • - in case of contact with eyes you should wash it with water immediately and contact a doctor;
  • - use eye protectors, gloves, special cloths and shoes while working with a concentrate;
  • - keep out of reach of children;
  • - explosion- and fire-proof product.