Detergents of "Permhimprodukt" company become widely used in such sector of service industry as cleaning works.

Our products are relevant to several areas such as:

Plants and factories

Houses and offices cleanup

Public places cleanup

Процесс уборки на промышленном предприятии Процесс уборки квартир и офисных помещений

Процесс уборки объектов общественного пользования

After-repair cleanup

Water closets, shower baths and swimming pools cleanup

Pipeline flushing

Процесс уборки объектов после ремонта Процесс уборки санузлов душевых и бассейнов Процесс уборки трубопроводов и теплообменников


Professional chemical agents for cleaning could be divided into 3 main groups by action force to processed surface:

  • neutral (usage without skin protection);
  • alkaline (it needs hand skin protection);
  • acid using (it needs increased hand skin protection, carefully usage).