Oil industry

Specifics of oil industry companies force them to deal with acute impurity all the time:


  • oil and oil-products residues;
  • oil mud, asphalt-resin-paraffin sediments;
  • oleic and fat impurity.


«Permhimprodukt» company works out some special recipes of industrial detergents for cleaning of industrial equipment from impurities - series «Zhenilen®» for petroleum sector, «Universal».

Series «Zhenilen®» for oil sector has two versions: «Zhenilen for oil sector N№ 2» for cleaning of installations, «Zhenilen for oil sector N№ 6» for drilling work.

Industrial detergent «Zhenilen®» № 2 is meant to be used for:

  • cleaning of cisterns from oil and oil-products residues;
  • cleaning of railway tanks and oil-field equipment;
  • cleaning of equipment elements from oil-dead spots and burning-oiling sediments, asphalt-resin and bituminic impurity.

«Zhenilen®» № 6 is meant to be used for:

  • cleaning of drill rods from petro-paraffin elements;
  • cleaning of oil production equipment from petro-paraffin elements.

Detergent «Universal» is meant to be used for:

  • ungreasing, mechanical and hand washing of different surfaces and elements, which include engine areas and car engine (before galvanics, enameling, painting etc);
  • cleaning of surfaces of details, which are made of ferrous and non-iron metals and their alligations (copper and its alligations, titanium, cupronickel) from additives technical and preservative oil, residual-oleic and organic fat impurities, soot and deposits, which are formed during production and exploitation, and oil-product, metal-cutting oil.

All above-listed industrial detergents are successfully used in the largest oil companies in Russia.

We will help you to choose the appropriate detergent, to calculate concentration and method of application depending on impurity. We’ll give you some samples of industrial detergents for laboratory testing in accordance with your request.