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The Permkhimprodukt research and production company was founded in 1998.

The main activities of the company are the development of formulations, production and sale of detergents, as well as the supply of chemical products, integrated services for enterprises.

Own production base, modern technological equipment allows to produce high-quality competitive products:

The product range of «NPF «Permkhimprodukt» LLC is widely used in various sectors of the Russian economy:

NPF Permkhimprodukt has extensive experience in working with the largest enterprises of the Russian Federation. Thanks to our own laboratory, basic product formulations are adapted by our technologists at the request of customers, depending on the contamination, which allows to obtain the necessary results for enterprises. The company also successfully works with retail chains under the Private Label program.

Consumer-oriented, accurate fulfillment of its obligations allowed NPF Permkhimprodukt LLC to earn a reputation as a reliable partner.

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