/ Agreement to the processing of personal data

Company privacy policy.

1. Common questions

1.1 Privacy Policy describes the methods of use and storage by LLC NPF Permkhimprodukt of confidential information of customers visiting the site chemy.ru.

1.2 By providing private information to NPF Permkhimprodukt LLC via the chemy.ru website, the client freely, by his own will, consents to the transfer, use and disclosure of his personal data in accordance with the terms of this Privacy Policy.

1.3 Privacy Policy applies only to information of a private nature obtained through the site chemy.ru. Private information is information that allows, when used alone or in combination with other available information, to identify the client’s personal data.

1.4 The site does not contain materials that are unacceptable for children and teenagers under 14 years of age. However, they cannot transmit any personal data via the Internet without the consent of a parent or guardian. LLC NPF Permkhimprodukt guarantees that it does not knowingly collect or store any personal data associated with minors.

1.5 Chemy.ru may contain links that allow you to go to other sites. The company is not responsible for information published on these sites, and provides links to them only to ensure the convenience of customers. Chemy.ru   does not deliberately publish links to Internet resources that can damage a client’s computer or become infected with viruses.

2. Data that the site receives

2.1. Site servers   chemy.ru can collect for statistics information about the type of browser, computer and operating system, as well as IP-address.

2.2. The following personal information is collected, as well as any other information that customers knowingly and voluntarily convey in the process of using the site:

a. Full Name.

b. City of residence.

c. E-mail address.

d. Mobile phone.

2.2.1.Information from the browser - data that the browser automatically sends to the server, for example: IP address, history of recent visits, operating system name, name and   version of the program through which the client connects to the Internet, the date and time of the user’s visit to the site. In the browser settings, you can prohibit the transmission of such information.
The information is collected for keeping statistics of visits for the operation of the company's servers and for recording their own traffic. In this case, the collected statistical information is not associated with specific users and is processed only in the form of generalized statistics. The client's IP address and system access time, in accordance with the user ID, are stored in the database in order to prevent fraud.

2.2.2. Data from cookies are also collected. These are files in which information about the client’s actions on the resource is saved after visiting the site. Files do not affect the computer   operating system. LLC NPF Permkhimprodukt uses this information to keep statistics about   users and their queries. These studies help the company to analyze, evaluate, improve its work, improve the quality of products and services, improve the mechanisms of communication with customers.
A client can delete cookies after visiting chemy.ru. However, in this case LLC NPF Permkhimprodukt is not responsible for the inadequate quality of the resource's work.

2.2.3.Information from third parties is private data that partners, suppliers or another third party provide LLC NPF Permkhimprodukt. Information is collected to fulfill the obligations of NPF Permkhimprodukt LLC on the design and delivery of goods to the customer.

2.3. Information is collected for customer feedback and customer support.

2.4. LLC NPF Permkhimprodukt has the right to delete any information containing personal data of users of the site.

3. Protection of users' personal information

3.1. NPF Permkhimprodukt LLC never, under any circumstances, reports to third parties personal (personal) information about its customers, except for cases prescribed by Federal Law No. 152-FZ of July 27, 2006 On Personal Data, or when a customer voluntarily agrees to transfer information.

3.2. LLC NPF Permkhimprodukt has the right to attract other companies and individuals to perform certain types of work, for example, for the delivery of orders, mail and messages