/ Synthetic detergent "Universal Automatic phosphate-free»

Synthetic detergent "Universal Automatic phosphate-free»

Purpose: Designed for machine and hand washing of products from different types of fabrics, except wool and natural silk.

due To the optimal ratio of components and the European formula means:
• effectively removes oil and fat contamination;
• removes yellowing on white things and prevents the transition to shades of gray;
• protects the machine from limescale and scale;
• safe for the environment.

Ingredients: anionic surfactants ≤5%, nonionic surfactants <5%, oxygen-containing bleach <10%, polycarboxylate ≤5%, alkaline components <15%, functional additive <5%,flavoring additive < 0.1%, the optical Brightener <0,5%, sodium chloride, sodium sulfate.

How to use:

Machine wash:
It is recommended to fill the powder directly into the drum, observing the dosage.
per 1 kg of dry linen: 20 g of powder; temperature: 40-90 °C for cotton and linen;
30-60 °C for synthetic and mixed fibers.

Hand wash:
5 l water: 40 g powder; temperature: 30-40 °C.

Before soaking the powder should be completely dissolved in water.
5 l water: 20 g powder; temperature: 30-40 °C.
When choosing the mode and temperature of washing should follow the recommendations,
specified on product labels.

Colored clothes wash separately from whites.
Remove stubborn stains of contrasting colours before washing as possible
fixing colored spots on the fabric.

The product has an irritating effect on the skin and mucous membranes of the eye.
In case of contact with the skin and eyes rinse with running water.
In case of hypersensitivity and skin damage, avoid prolonged contact
with any Laundry detergent.

storage Conditions:
Store in a tightly closed container in a dark place at a temperature
not more than +35 °C and relative humidity not more than 95%.
Keep away from heating devices, protecting from moisture
and direct sunlight.

shelf Life:
Use before the date on the package.
After the expiration date, the product is disposed of as household waste.

Application field:
Банно-прачечный сектор
Bathing and laundry sector