/ Dishwasher sanitizer "Zhenilen"

Dishwasher sanitizer "Zhenilen"

Purpose : the product is intended to remove complex complex mineral and organic deposits (rust, lime deposits, water stone, scale, soot, soot, dust, dirt) from various surfaces of dishwashers.
 Regular disinfecting washing your car will help to avoid malfunctions. It will save your money and nerves. Due to the optimal ratio of the components, the agent:
  • destroys bacteria, mold, yeast and prevents their growth;
  • possesses the high moistening and washing action;
  • effective in water of any hardness at any temperature;
  • protects the machine from lime and scale.  
      Composition: organic acid & lt; 20%, cationic surfactants & lt; 3.0%, functional additives & lt; 3.0%, water.
      How to use :
      Washing and disinfecting the inner surface of the machine:
     The concentration of the working solution is determined by the degree of contamination. To speed up the washing process and enhance the effect, it is recommended to use warm or hot working solutions (40–60 ° C). Depending on the degree of surface contamination, use a solution of 5–10% concentration at a temperature of 40–60 ° C. Load the working solution into the detergent box, start the empty machine by selecting the dishwashing program.
      Washing and disinfecting the external surface of the machine:
     Clean the surface with a 1% solution at 30–35 ° C.
     Use a sponge or soft cloth for manual surface treatment.
     To achieve a higher purifying and disinfecting effect, repeat the treatment with a 1% aqueous solution of the agent.
      Recommendations for use: w regularly wipe the door seal with a damp cloth moistened with a solution of the product.
      Safe Use and Storage Terms:
     Wear rubber gloves when working with the product.
     If the product comes into contact with the skin and eyes, rinse with running water.
     Store in a tightly closed container in a dark cool place at a temperature not exceeding +25 ° C away from heating devices, protecting from direct sunlight.
     Store away from food, out of the reach of children.
      Shelf Life: 12 months from date of manufacture.
     After the expiration date, the product is disposed of as household waste.
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