/ TMS "Jennien" for the oil industry № 10

TMS "Jennien" for the oil industry № 10

The technical liquid detergent “ZHENILEN® 10” is intended for processes accompanied by abundant, medium and small foaming, allows to increase the useful capacity and performance of devices, to prevent overflow of products.
 When processing oil and gas, a stable tendency to foam formation is often found due to the presence of several substances or dispersing components, as well as turbulence from the well to separation processes.
 The presence of foam can lead to the formation of unstable states in the separators and the transfer of large amounts of liquid into the gas stream, as well as the amount of dissolved gas in the oil that leaves the separator.
 Elimination of process foam can increase productivity, reduce production costs and, consequently, save money.
 "ZHENILEN® 10" for a long time retains the effect of defoaming, provides a quick defoaming effect at low concentrations, and is intended for use as an antifoam in all types of drilling fluids.
  Usage Guidelines
 “ZHENILEN® 10” is used to prevent the formation of foam, as an antifoaming agent for petroleum oils, when pouring bitumen into bunkers, during the oxidation of bitumen, during vacuum distillation of oil, pumping out fuel oils, etc. The recommended concentration of antifoam in the mud to 0, one%.
 Preparation of solutions is carried out using personal protective equipment. The tool freezes, after defrosting retains its properties.
 The transparent colorless composition with a specific odor based on organic solvent and aromatic additives.
  Packaging and Transportation
 The liquid is packaged in canisters with a capacity of 10 liters and 30 liters of polymeric materials or in plastic drums up to 200 kg. Transportation is possible by rail and road transport in accordance with the rules for the carriage of goods. & Nbsp;
 TU 20.59.59-001-50260893-2019
Application field:
Нефтяная промышленность
The oil industry