/ Zhenilen Prestizh

Zhenilen Prestizh

Purpose:     Universal detergent "Gene Prestige" is intended for washing dishes and other hard surfaces: floors, walls, plastic coatings, kitchen tables, household appliances, etc.
  How to use:   The product works in water of any hardness and temperature.
  To wash dishes:   Apply a few drops of the product to a wet sponge or use a working solution of 0.5-5.0% concentration (0.5 - 50.0 g. Of product per 1 liter of water). After processing the dishes, rinse the dishes with clean water.
  To wash hard surfaces (tiles, walls, floors, etc.):   Use a working solution of 0.5-5.0% concentration (5.0-50.0 g. Means per liter of water ). After cleaning the surface, rinse with clean water.
  Composition:   AVAP & lt; 5%, nonionic surfactants & lt; 5%, perfume & lt; 5%, preservative & lt; 5%, thickener, purified water.
Application field:
Сельско-хозяйственная промышленность
The agricultural industry
Мясо-перерабатывающая промышленность
Meat processing industry
Птице-перерабатывающая промышленность
Poultry-processing industry
Молочная и масложировая промышленность
Dairy and fat-and-oil industry
Торговые сети
Trading networks
Кафе, бары, рестораны
Cafes, bars, restaurants
Банно-прачечный сектор
Bathing and laundry sector